July 2015 Meeting

The July CCCA Meeting Monday was held on July 20, 2015, at 7:30 p.m.

If you are not already a CCCA member, but live within the Clarendon Courthouse Civic Association boundaries and are interested in joining, please contact us.


  1. Captain Kamran Afzal, Arlington County Police Department Commander, 2nd District Police Team
    Captain Afzal is the representative to the CCCA from the Arlington County Police. He is coming to discuss ongoing issues in our neighborhood and to hear any comments from residents.
  2. Report Out from County Board Meeting
    On Saturday, July 18th, the County will have considered both the Retail Action Plan and the staff’s proposed plan for Courthouse Square. We will discuss the outcomes from those items and how the CCCA can further engage in it.
  3. CCCA Wider Engagement
    A website is being built to be a public face for the civic association. We’ll discuss what materials we’d like to make available on it and how we can best utilize this new resource. We will also discuss how we can better engage our neighborhood more broadly.
  4. Reports
    Clarendon Alliance
    Civic Federation