CCCA Officers

Scott Barton – President (president@clarendoncourthouseva.org)
John Reynolds – Vice President                    
Justin Cohen – 
Kristine Wood – Outreach Secretary
OPEN – VP Communications
Chad Berwick – Recording Secretary

WANTED — We’re looking for a Social/Celebrations Chair to join the Exec Team. If you like to catalyze fun stuff and are interested, email us at president@clarendoncourthouseva.org

Social Media
Mike Gallo – Twitter
Steve Cordle – Facebook
OPEN – Instagram
Mike Gallo and Bob Wallace -Bulletin Board

Alyssa Cannon, Arlington Neighborhood Committee (ArNAC) Representative
Scott Pedowitz, Clarendon Alliance Board Representative
OPEN, Arlington Neighborhood Committee (ArNAC) Alternate
Kristine Wood, Immediate Past President
Chad Berwick, County Liaison

We’re always looking for people who want to learn, lead, and get involved! Please consider joining our team! Email us to learn more at: president@clarendoncourthouseva.org

Civic Federation Delegates & Alternatives

Scott Barton, Delegate
John Reynolds, Delegate
Dima Hakura,
Puja Valiyil, Delegate

Let Us Know What You Think

Send us a message via the contact form below. If you live in the Clarendon or Courthouse neighborhoods and would like to join the CCCA, indicate that in the contact form and we will be in touch with details.