September 2015 Meeting

There will be no September meeting for the CCCA. Our next meeting will be in October, likely the 19th.

All are instead encouraged dattend the September County board meetings on September 19, 21 and 24th. They will be covering :

  • The Courthouse Square plan
  • The renewing the exception allowing for the Dentist’s Office at Courthouse Plaza
  • Outdoor seating permits for Iota and Citizen Burger Bar
  • Renewing the live entertainment permit for Ragtime
  • A proposal to turn a retail space in the building connected to the Clarendon metro into a conference room space
  • A proposal to remove four parking spaces from the Market Common parking garage to make space for a mechanical room

If you are not already a CCCA member, but live within the Clarendon Courthouse Civic Association boundaries and are interested in joining, please contact us.

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